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Bee Loop’s Packaging Is Organic, Recyclable, Renewable, Edible, Biodegradable, Antifungal, Antiviral, Antiseptic, And Antibacterial | Dieline

I did not suppose it was doable for packaging to be zero waste whereas concurrently managing a totally lovely aesthetic, however Bee Loop has confirmed me fallacious. The model’s packaging is natural, recyclable, renewable, edible, biodegradable, antifungal, antiviral, antiseptic, and antibacterial as a result of it is is constituted of beeswax, the rightful dwelling of honey, for my part. The honey pot is constituted of simply two components: beeswax and natural linen, making this model remarkably eco-friendly. The minimalistic design and pure colours are so lovely it makes my head spin, and I merely cannot recover from the truth that one thing so nice for the earth may be so beautiful.

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Bee Loop is even beetter than a Zero Waste package deal. We all know that “one of the best” is a subjective time period, however as one of many oldest inhabitants on our planet Earth, bees, have buzzed us -so our beeswax package deal is simply beetter! Its Natural / Recyclable / Renewable / Edible / Biodegradable / Antifungal / Antiviral / Antiseptic / Antibacterial too!

The Bee Loop Honey Pot is product of beeswax, which has existed for 130 million years. When honey is harvested from the honeycomb and made prepared for consumption, we put the honey again the place it belongs – into the Beeswax.

In case your children eat your Bee Loop Honey pot, don’t fear it’s 100% edible and digestible. Beeswax is constituted of the pure secretions of bees, shaped initially by gathering nectar from flowers. Alternatively beeswax honey pots may be returned to the beekeeper and never thrown away, as throwing something away, it should nonetheless go someplace. When the beekeeper returns beeswax to the hive, the circle of honey making continues. Or as we, the beekeepers wish to name it, the Bee Loop.

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Bees are vitally Necessary to the Ecosystem and have modified little or no during the last 130 million years or so since they first advanced. Sadly, they’ve been hit arduous of late by fashionable agriculture and their extinction can be a essential blow to the wholesome continuation of the ecosystem at massive.

Honey is normally packaged in glass or plastic containers, thus creating extra waste after the honey is consumed.

Our process is to create a sustainable package deal for his or her natural honey, which won’t solely contribute to the zero waste packaging, but in addition have a optimistic impression on bees’ existence.

The label free, zero waste Bee Loop Honey Pot has been created out of 100% natural beeswax, with the intention to assist bees and contribute to the worldwide sustainability course of.

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Our Bee Loop Honey Pot is product of simply 2 elements:

· Natural Beeswax. The package deal is constituted of 100% pure honey beeswax and no additional components.

· Natural Linen. Natural Linen string is getting used, as our honey pot opener, and added to the design with the intention to make the opening of the pot simpler, because it cuts a layer of besswax, which naturally glues the pot and the quilt collectively.

The Bee Loop Honey Pot is 99.99% edible. Why not 100%? We simply don’t recommend you eat linen string.

Our Bee Loop Honey pot is 100% label free, which makes the package deal much more zero waste. It’s designed and offered in three colors, with the intention to separate the product by its kind.

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So as to make the design as minimalist as doable and use much less graphics and labelling, a pure colouring scheme to separate the honey kind has been used.

1. Linden Honey Pot. Made from 100% linden honey beeswax, which is extracted from the Linden tree, which bears small yellowish white flowers.

2. Buckwheat Honey Pot. Made from 100% buckwheat honey beeswax. Buckwheat flowers are sometimes darkish in coloration, which results in the wealthy color of buckwheat honey which is an amber-colored honey with a slight reddish tint.

3. Forest Honey Pot. Made from 100% forest honey beeswax, which comes from the sap produced by aphids on the bark of the forest bushes and flowers which produces a inexperienced fluorescence color.

All of the labelling, as nicely, as branding is made with the fire-heated marks, which simply imprints on a Beeswax, and something needing to be branded on the Bee Loop Honey Pot is clearly seen.

Bee Loop, is a message from us people, to the bees: “Come again to Your Circle of Life”. Its Natural / Recyclable / Renewable / Edible / Biodegradable / Antifungal / Antiviral / Antiseptic / Antibacterial.

BEE LOOP > Bees assemble honeycombs out of the beeswax > Bees retailer honey within the honeycombs > Beekeeper removes the honeycomb to reap honey > Honeycomb beeswax is getting used to create beeswax honey pots > Honey is packed in to a beeswax honey pot and prepared for consumption > Honey loved at your breakfast > Beeswax honey pots returned (if not consumed with the honey) to the beekeeper > Beekeeper returns beeswax to the hive >

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